What is the Best Car Alarm System?


With all of the time, money, and energy we invest into our cars, at this point they are more or less family. Therefore, like a member of our family, it is imperative to do everything possible to keep our cars as safe as possible. Car alarms are one of the most effective ways to keep your car safe at night, significantly lowering the chance of someone stealing your car or breaking into your car and taking your belongings.

However, nowadays there are so many car alarm systems out there it can quickly get overwhelming. That is why the car theft prevention experts at Audio Realm have put together a list of the best car alarm systems. If you have any further questions about car alarm systems or would like to install a new car alarm system in your vehicle, contact Audio Realm today by calling (619) 399-3725.

Viper Car Alarm Model VSS5X10

Viper is one of the most trusted names in car alarms, and for good reason. They combine incredible theft prevention technology and reliability with a reasonable price tag. The Viper VSS5X10 is a combination car alarm and remote starter, integrating with your smartphone to give you a user-friendly way to monitor and control your car alarm system.

Compustar Car Alarm Model CS6900-AS

The Compustar CS6900-AS is an all-in-one car theft prevention kit, giving you a car alarm, remote start, keyless entry, and more. This advanced car alarm system will not only have an audible alarm but will also send a signal to your LCD remote whenever the alarm goes off so you can go investigate what is wrong before the potential thief can get away. The range of the LCD remote is up to 3,000’.

Avital Car Alarm Model 5305L

The 5305L car alarm system is the model that put Avital on the map, providing superior car theft prevention for your vehicle. The car alarm system comes with a keyless entry, trunk release, dual zone shock sensors, and a remote starter. Best of all, the Avital 5305L is very affordably priced, starting in the low $100s.

Python Car Alarm Model PS5000

The Python PS5000 is another smartphone-enabled car alarm system, giving you access to your car alarm system no matter where you are. LCD remotes have a very strong range, but your smartphone has a near limitless range, giving you unparalleled control that can help you sleep easy at night. The Python car alarm system comes equipped with keyless entry remotes, alarm speakers, a truck release, dual shock sensors, and remote starters.

The Best Car Alarm Systems at Audio Realm in National City

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