Get the car audio system of your dreams with Snap Finance, Synchrony Financing, or Acima from Audio Realm in National City. Our financing options, also available for other products and services such as window tinting, car DVD players, lift kits, car alarms and more, is an easy and affordable way to get the money you need for the upgrades you deserve. Audio Realm is dedicated to providing outstanding service to our San Diego customers, and we feel part of that customer service is providing a means for anyone to get a premium car stereo. If you are interested in applying for Snap Finance, click the link below.

What is Snap Finance?

Snap Finance is an easy and affordable way to get financing for car upgrades, products, and services. Snap Financing works for all individuals, including those with bad credit or even if you have no credit at all! Snap Finance is not a loan, but rather a lease that spreads your purchase at Audio Realm over an extended time frame instead of all at once. When the payment is spread over 12 months, it suddenly becomes much easier and more affordable. 


When you apply for Snap Finance, we do not even pull a credit report. Each time a credit report is pulled, it can hurt your credit, so instead of needlessly damaging your credit, we will have a car finance expert offer their assistance. Snap Finance has over an 80% approval rate, meaning that the vast majority of individuals who apply get approved.


Snap Finance can provide you with up to $3000 in cash in seconds, allowing you to get an amazing, top of the line car audio system from Audio Realm. Once approved, we will make sure you have easy to make payments so that you will not fall behind on payments. If you are looking to upgrade your vehicle, go with Snap Finance to get the cash you need!

What is Synchrony Financing?

Synchrony Financing is another way to get car audio financing, or financing for installing other services or features into your car or truck. Get financing with little to no interest by applying for Synchrony financing at Audio Realm.

What is Acima?

Acima is a car audio financing option with an easy approval process only consisting of four simple income-based questions, regardless of your credit score. The benefits include no credit needed and flexible payment options of either 12 months or 90 days. If you payoff after 90 days, you save 25% or more on all outstanding payments. Receive financing today by applying for Acima at Audio Realm.